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Coming up on four months of HRT and I cannot get over how much cuter I feel when I look at my own face 🥰

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(The obvious question: I haven’t tried Torrid’s jeans yet.)

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If I can find high-waisted jeans that are actually high-waisted on a 6’1” girl...I actually *have* developed some curvature. I might actually be able to accentuate my shape. :blobcatblep:

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Currently working on a song for EP1 we’d describe as “50s girl group in the verses, Pacific Northwest grunge in the choruses” and we’re super excited about it 😁

fed my aspirational thiccness with a big ol burrito today

Anyway this weekend was A TRIP and I’m still a little overwhelmed (in a good way!) by the warm reception of the thing we made and I’m just feeling really nice

Good morning!

i feel this selfie needs context (that I posted on twitter but forgot to here):

Driving to the SE side to get juice from a food truck at a food co-op listening to a girl music podcast while being a trans girl and her queer partner and a post rainstorm rainbow bursts into the sky ahead of us and like sometimes I think

how is Portland EVEN REAL

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Two person selfie, ec 

Anyway this was me and @kittyrainbows earlier today getting smoothies ✨

Very happy to reveal next that the Crystal Furs are gonna be featured on Janglepophub, the Get In Her Ears radio show, and the Grrls Like Us podcast in the coming days :blobcatblep:

“Steph, Kara, and Rowan, I don’t know if you’re listening, but here’s your song!”


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We’re getting played in the first hour of The Indie Lounge, on now!

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Which one of you did this graffiti

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Time for Potential Glasses Opinion Time. Here is the existing situation, and three possibilities. Thoughts, folx?

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