Selfie w/ EC, body modification 

@EmilyIsRad heck yeah ✨

Kara’s Cider Toots 

When I’m sober I wonder what I’ll think of the roll of 250 trans pride heart stickers I just ordered

While I’m at it I also found out that we’ve been added to the rotation at Portland Radio Project, so you’ll be hearing “Too Kind To Be Cruel” on 99.1 FM or here in PDX!

Lol a huge huge day and nobody noticed my previous too

Kara B. boosted glad somebody else out there digs this song ✨

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Selfie, ec 

Take it from me: every shirt is better with boobs! :blobcatuwu:

Three-person photo, ec 

@EmilyIsRad even quiet screaming is very appreciated! :blobbigheart:

Three-person photo, ec 

So I’ve been extremely busy with THINGS that are happening but I feel compelled to share the new Crystal Furs band photo because this is absolutely the cutest this band has *ever* been ☺️

Good morning, happy Friday, trans rights

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