Very pleased to report that some folks' favorite queer jangle pop band The Crystal Furs will be making an appearance at Wales Goes Pop! 2021, virtually, next weekend.

It's gonna be a fun time and you might just see us pop up in another band's set, too...

Selfie, ec 

Take it from me: every shirt is better with boobs! :blobcatuwu:

Three-person photo, ec 

So I’ve been extremely busy with THINGS that are happening but I feel compelled to share the new Crystal Furs band photo because this is absolutely the cutest this band has *ever* been ☺️

selfie, ec, HRT (+) 

Coming up on four months of HRT and I cannot get over how much cuter I feel when I look at my own face 🥰

Two person selfie, ec 

Anyway this was me and @kittyrainbows earlier today getting smoothies ✨

Selfie, ec, lewd graffiti 

Which one of you did this graffiti

Four selfies, ec, Glasses Opinions 

Time for Potential Glasses Opinion Time. Here is the existing situation, and three possibilities. Thoughts, folx?

Selfie, ec 

Having a HECK of an exciting day today so here’s my face

Person photo, near ec 

Realized I never shared this photo of @kittyrainbows during the recording process. :ablobcatheart: :blobcataww:

I have wanted to put out nice old-fashioned mono mixes of songs for soooooooo long and now it’s happening and it makes me unreasonably happy

I am pleased to reveal the artwork for the single that’s coming this week :blobcatuwu:

selfie, ec 

Because I’ve been entirely consumed by music today (in the best way) I forgot to post about trying a new color & brand of foundation. It’s Nude, by Nyx. Feels like a good match for me color wise!

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