Also also! We contributed an early demo of another new song, "Winter Stars," to this compilation from our friends Potpourri, with all proceeds going to benefit Sisters Uncut. Available digitally & on cassette.

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Also, next week an R.E.M. tribute, "A Carnival of Sorts," comes out from God Is In The TV. All profits benefit Help Musicians UK.

We covered "Bang and Blame" for it, and the site is streaming it today and opening pre-orders.

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Hi folks. Coming out of my hibernation to let you know that my queer jangle pop band The Crystal Furs has a couple of new tunes out today. We're two trans gals and a bi cis gal who make peppy tunes about anxiety, architecture, and lesbians. Our new songs are "Miss Hughes" and "Please Fade Away" and they're on Bandcamp, Spotify, etc.

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Proof: I still exist and am cuter than before

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I think one could consider me hot maybe? maybe not

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Hi I finally got to go back to the salon, and


If you want something jangly, full of queer feels and girl group harmonies, might I recommends on vinyl, CD, or digital...

On the vinyl front, direct pre-orders of solid pink vinyl are gone but you can still get it via your local record store (have more info on US distribution soon), and you can get pink splatter vinyl from us.

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Very pleased to report that some folks' favorite queer jangle pop band The Crystal Furs will be making an appearance at Wales Goes Pop! 2021, virtually, next weekend.

It's gonna be a fun time and you might just see us pop up in another band's set, too...

Aaaaaaand the solid pink pre-order is sold out! 😳

Get yourself the pink & black splatter now or check with your fav record store for the solid! ✨

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Heya y'all - my very queer jangle pop band has finally come to vinyl! We've launched pre-orders for "Beautiful and True" on vinyl, releasing April 2nd on Reckless Yes. You can get it in pink w/ black splatter or solid pink!

I'm a little overwhelmed and emotional right now but it's amazing and I can't wait for y'all to get it!

Oh yeah! As far as what I've been up to goes, the band signed to a larger label and our album "Beautiful and True" is coming to vinyl soon! :ablobcathappypaws:

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When I’m sober I wonder what I’ll think of the roll of 250 trans pride heart stickers I just ordered

While I’m at it I also found out that we’ve been added to the rotation at Portland Radio Project, so you’ll be hearing “Too Kind To Be Cruel” on 99.1 FM or here in PDX!

Lol a huge huge day and nobody noticed my previous too

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